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Patient Participation Group Minutes November 2017 Posted on 16 Mar 2018


                                                             PRACTICE PPG MEETING                                                       

                                                                       27TH NOVEMBER 2017



In attendance: TA, SN, ER, AH, PH, PG, SS, JS,AR

Apologies: CB


On-line appointments for nurse discussed. These appointments were not being used appropriately therefore the practice decided to stop offering them.


A couple of members of the PPG were not aware of the on-line patient access. They were informed that there are posters in the waiting area. Suggested that we have a notice board to direct patients on what is available – perhaps for new events within the month. Also to promote on-line access.


Emis are unable to change the messaging for text messaging.


The DNA October figures were given to the group. Dr A Kukreja has responded as previously stating that he is not willing for patients to be contacted when they DNA. Reception will continue to monitor and record the patients who DNA.


On the day appointments was raised by PG for an explanation. SN explained that two appointments for each Doctor and Nurse session is kept back until the day and opened at 8.30am in the morning.


The group were informed about the replacement of the fence and gate to the back of the building.


SN informed the group that a patient made a donation to the surgery. The surgery has purchased two comfortable chairs and a children’s sofa.


Macmillan coffee morning raised £163.30 on the day. A thank you to PG and PMcG for all their help. We are planning to do another coffee morning next year on a flu day.


A donation of a Christmas tree and decorations were given to the practice from The Village Hotel. PH, AH and SS have kindly offered to help with decorating this for us on 1 December 2017.


We congratulated Margaret, our practice nurse, on becoming runner up in the recognition of the Sheila Martin award for the best compliment of patient satisfaction survey 2016/17.


Meeting dates for the following year given to the PPG group.