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Patient Participation Group Minutes May 2017 Posted on 7 Jun 2017

Westwood Medical Centre

Patient Participation Group

Minutes of Meeting 22nd May 2017


Attended – SN, ER, LC, SS, PH, AH and CB


Welcome to meeting – apologies from AR on holiday and LH who has had to leave the group.  Any suggestions to get new members to the group, advertised in waiting room and on web site.


Report now available from the CQC inspection in November - on web site. 


DNA figures for each month this year – April shows an improvement but is looking like a lot for May unsure as to why!  Doctor does not want us to contact patients who miss appointments as he feels it is up to them to come to the surgery and could cause breakdown of doctor/patient relationship.  Will continue to monitor.  Hope to be able to change text message reminder with contact number to cancel appointment (when new software available).

Would some open clinics help?

Hospital DNAs mentioned and what it costs the NHS but not always patients fault eg. not receiving appointment letters.


On line booking of appointments with the nurse – it would be possible to configure but we have decided not to do this at present due to appointments needing different length of times which patients would not be aware of and it could cause confusion.


GP asked about attending a meeting but declined as any news would be relayed back to the doctors.


Doctors response to GP survey only 116 patients returned the survey, doctors are trying to make sure patients leave the consultation with more informed by printing out information of regarding their problems.


We have shown an interest in having a clinical pharmacist at the surgery for 6 hours a week to seeing patients with long term conditions and minor ailments.


Have a meeting with Social Prescribing Service to how to refer patients for help in the community to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life.


The surgery has been painted throughout.


One of our receptionists has taken on the role of cleaner after the previous one left, and is doing a very good job.


Planning to tidy the back car park and put up a new fence.


Next meeting Monday 21st August 11.00