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Patient Participation Group Minutes May 16 Posted on 19 Jun 2016




Attendance: ER, LC, SN, SS, PH, AH, CB and LH

 SN welcomed all to the meeting.

 Suggestion made to try and encourage new members to the group. Suggested maybe a person from the Pharmacy join the next meeting. Also to ask if a Dr would like to be present.

 Discussed DNA’s. Since March there has been a slight reduction in the amount of DNA’s since the text messaging was introduced. Look at the message to see if it could be amended to include the telephone number to enable the patient to cancel/confirm the appointment.

 The surgery has acquired a chair as discussed in the previous meeting for patients who have found if difficult following operations sitting in a low chair. This does require a cushion. A member of the group is going to look into purchasing a cushion.

 The car park at the rear of the building discussed – ongoing. Informed a Church is going to occupy the Casino. Waiting for new occupants of the Casino to take over.

 Extended Hours Service, City of Coventry Health. Discussed this facility for offering patients who belong to the practice appointments in the evening and at weekends.

 Flu campaign/cake sale. Members of the group to promote the flu campaign in September. To advertise the PPG at the same time for new members.

 New questionnaire to be devised for patients. Questions to be decided.

 Informed the group of the new website for the surgery. To be launched on 1st June 2016. Suggested this to be advertised in the surgery

 Informed the group of a new receptionist at Tile Hill Lane. Also in the process of recruiting a  nurse. We will have a Locum nurse helping out for the time being.

 Thanked SS for the notice boards for the waiting area.

 Next meeting: 5th September 2016 – 11am.