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Patient Participation Group Minutes January 2017 Posted on 13 Jan 2017

Westwood Medical Centre

Patient Participation Group


Minutes of Meeting 9th January 2017


Attended – SN, ER, LC, SS, PH, AH, LH and AR


Welcome AR who has joined the group –explained purpose of PPG to help the practice and patients.


AR asked about a GP attending the meetings, explained it is a patient participated group but will ask again.


DNAs discussed with numbers throughout the year does vary - has been some improvement with text messages. How to make patients more aware the importance of cancelling appointments.  We do put messages on computer for the patients who frequently miss.  Will record DNA appointments with GP and nurse and separately. To consider phoning or sending letter to patients that miss appointments (will discuss with doctor). 


Update on Blackpear (extra appointments) for patients at various surgeries in Coventry.  A trial of appointments being available afternoons not just evening and weekends.  A poster is now in the waiting room.


Asked for suggestions for telephone message – for it not to be too long, but for test result to ring the surgery afternoons when the doctors would have seen the results.  Sarah to arrange with Connaught.


Flu campaign was successful but will try and promote it earlier for this year.  To send out letters and we will be getting the vaccines a bit sooner.  Thank you to AH, PH and SS for their help, happy to help again.


The raffle was well supported and it was suggested we hold it as an annual event.


Website has been quite popular and showed when it was most looked at.  On line services are available and are used, but to consider being able to book appointment for nurses as well as GP appointments.  Will look into it to see if it would be possible (although nurse appointments can vary in time depending on what it’s for).


Points of the GP survey which on the whole was good, we will be looking at the 3 areas which could be improved.


All staff had basic life support training which is updated yearly.


The CQC visit we had in November still waiting for report which will be available to see.  A thank you to SS for coming in to answer some question from the CQC.


AH & PH (having been here helping with the flu clinics)  said it would be good to have another chair with arms for upstairs waiting room,  will try and find where we can get one.


Date of next meeting to be arranged, holiday dates from the group to find a suitable date.


Email addresses given.