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Patient Participation Group Minutes February 2018 Posted on 16 Mar 2018


Westwood Medical Centre


Patient Participation Group


Minutes of Meeting 26th February 2018




Attended – SN, ER, LC, SS, PH, AH, CB,AR and JS




Welcome to meeting – apologies from PG and PM




Update on DNAs at surgery 25 for nurse and 35 for GP. 5% of appointments Missed.


DNAs had been discussed with doctor – accepted the situation does not want to cause conflict with patients.  Will continue to monitor and report.




We had problems with the telephone lines had to have all calls diverted to our branch surgery.  Had to have the system rebuilt, problem with mother board.


Have redone all the messages and are set to go on and off at set times of day.




We have looked into changing the text appointment reminder message – now using a different template which does ask patients to cancel appointment if not attending it also gives email address, (we are unable to edit the template).




AR asked about on-line booking for nurse appointments. We are trying more nurse appointment during March and will look at uptake of these appointment.




A new urine analysis machine has been provided for the nurse to check urine samples which gives a printout.




A new service in the surgery is a clinical pharmacist who works on Tuesday and Friday mornings, she can see patients and prescribe medication (not for under 5s). 




Members of the group would be happy to tidy the front garden when the weather is better. Will ask doctor if she has any plants for the surgery garden.




SN has taken on a new role in the surgery as NSP (Named Safeguarding Professional) which we feel would be good for the practice.




Discussed the posters in the waiting room which we have to display, but we will try and arranged differently.  To keep one wall for practice news as practice specific information can get lost amongst the posters




Next meeting Monday 21st May