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Patient Participation Group Minutes September 2016 Posted on 7 Sep 2016

Patient Participation Group

Westwood Medical Centre



Minutes of Meeting 5th September 2016


Attended – SN, ER, LC, SS, PH, AH and CB


Discussed DNA appointment it is noted some improvement since sending text message reminder, getting more cancellation as more patients aware of the problem as it is displayed in waiting room.  To put up notice showing the change.


Made aware of Blackpear service for out of hours being available at Station Avenue, it seems to be a good service.


Discussed Patient Access – telephone triage with no pre booked appointments.  Should the telephone message should be changed to give more information?  Keep it simple and not too long but possible change it for appointment line morning and to order script and to get test results after 12.00pm.


Retinal Screening at the surgery will be later this year, Tuesdays in November, December and January.


Discussed the new website, asked if any other information would be good to display.  Planning to put on the popular stork picture we have in the waiting room.


Thank you to Mr & Mrs H for the cushion for the chair it has been suggested to get another chair for upstairs looking into it.


Flu campaign to start Tuesday 27th September, members of group to help on the open clinic days to direct patients and to be ready to see the nurse.  Tea, coffee and biscuits to be offered.


Planning to do a raffle to raise money for breast cancer and stroke society in memory of staff members.  Have had some donations but not all have responded, other places suggested.


Car parking was mentioned as there have been lines marked out in car park but we have not heard when we will not be able to use it or at what charge.


Next meeting – Monday 9th January 2017