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Patient Participation Group 16th September 2019 Posted on 30 Sep 2019






















Attendance: Elizabeth Rowe, James Sutherland, Susan Scott, Patricia Gilbert, Alexander Robinson, Patricia McGuigan, Antoinette Hunt, Peter Hunt , Clive Bland




ER opened the meeting and welcomed all.




Following the last meeting in May PG suggested we move the notice board in the waiting area. This has taken place and seems to be successful. AR suggested we take a look at the posters that are duplicated. We have made a conscious effort to remove any duplicates.




SS suggested we move the computer terminal in reception with the receptionist sitting directly in front of the glass screen. We did move this but the position of the phone caused a problem for the receptionist. We have in the waiting area a notice to ask patients to stand back until asked to give more privacy to the patient standing at the reception window – this seems to be working.




AR asked for Dr Kukreja to comment as to ‘what do you want from the PPG’ to which he stated to continue with the meetings and suggestions being brought forward from the group and actioned where possible. Doctor was asked if he could attend the meeting but declined.




ER explained that the closing of the car park at the rear of the surgery could be imminent. We will have to wait and see if this is going to be number recognition or pay and display.




JS raised Dr McDonald retirement and replacement for the practice. ER explained that we have a Medical Clinician working 2 days and Dr Uddin on a permanent basis on a Thursday morning. We will also be having


2 further Medical Clinicians appointed. Also suggested when all this is in place that we have a list of who and when they are working produced and put on the website/surgery notice board for Tile Hill Lane and Mayors Croft.




JS asked me to explain how the 6 monthly prescription works. Explained and discussed.




CB raised the situation with patients’ medication and Brexit. I briefly explained that where the patient’s drug is not available an alternative can be prescribed. We have had a statement from the Department of Health and Social Care stating that they have been working with suppliers and medicines, medical devices and clinical consumables to identify which products, ingredients or components are made in the EU or are imported into the UK via the EU. Pharmacy and prescription only medicines suppliers and manufacturers have been asked to ensure that they increase their buffer stocks to hold at least an additional six weeks of stock (over and above usual buffer stock) in the UK – wait and see with Brexit!




PG did raise asked if more could be done around Dementia and awareness. We do have in practice a leaflet with good contact numbers if asked for. PMcG did comment that her personal experience with the practice with reference to dementia and the help she received was excellent and she couldn’t fault it.




Next meeting: Monday 13 January 11am